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TNR-RJ Network signal lightning arrester
Application scope

            TNR-RJ series signal lightning protection device is applicable to a variety of voice calls computer network equipment, such as switches, routers, fax machine, MODEM and other sensitive communications network equipment, the power supply voltage from lightning induced interference, electrostatic discharge caused by the loss of multi interface signal lightning arrester, the 19 inch standard cabinet design convenient installation and maintenance.

Working principle

TNR-RJ series signal lightning arrester circuit adopts two level protection, before most of the energy transfer overvoltage, discharge lightning current, a voltage clamp on the level, voltage level and the residual pressure is lower than the two level of electronic equipment, the precise decoupling device with strong will, play a good protective effect.

Installation matters

The TNR-RJ series lightning protector is connected in series between the protected device and the transmission cable. The input port (IN) is connected to the signal channel, and the output terminal (OUT) is connected with the protected device. The multi strand copper core wire connects the earthing end of the signal lightning arrester with the adjacent ground confluence.

technical parameter
Model Rated working voltage Un(V-) Maximum continuous operating voltage Uc(V-) Nominal discharge current In(kA)

Transmission frequency MHz

insertion loss dB Interface Protective foot
TNR-RJ12/48-2(RJ11) 48 65 3 2 <0.5 RJ12 3,4
TNR-RJ12/48-4(RJ11) 48 65 3 2 <0.5 RJ12 3,4and2,5
TNR-RJ12/110-2(RJ11) 110 150 3 2 <0.5 RJ12 3,4
TNR-RJ12/110-4(RJ11) 110 150 3 2 <0.5 RJ12 3,4and2,5
TNR-RJ12/180-2(RJ11) 180 240 3 2 <0.5 RJ12 3,4
TNR-RJ12/180-4(RJ11) 180 240 3 2 <0.5 RJ12 3,4and2,5
TNR-RJ45/05-4 05 6.5 3 100 <0.5 RJ45 1,2,3,6
TNR-RJ45/05-8 05 6.5 3 1000 <0.5 RJ45 1,2/3,6/4,5/7,8
TNR-RJ45/POE signal 05 6.5 3 100 <0.5 RJ45 1,2,3,6
Power Supply 48 65 5 /   RJ45 4,5and7,8
Model description
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