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TNR-T Video signal lightning arrester
Application scope and working principle

        The protection object of TNR-T series coaxial signal lightning arrester is all kinds of monitoring signal, communication signal, video signal and computer coaxial network.

        The coaxial lightning arrester adopts two stage surge protection. First stage discharge lightning current, second stage overvoltage. In the specified transmission frequency range, by properly protecting device parameters, the most of the energy of the overvoltage is released at the first stage, and the residual voltage is further clamped at level second, and the protection level is controlled within the safety voltage of the device.

        TNR-BNC series multi interface signal lightning arrester, using standard 19 inch cabinet design, easy to install and maintain.

technical parameter
Model TNR-T/BNC TNR-T/BNC Multi interface
Rated working voltage Un(V-) 6
Maximum continuous operating voltage Un(V-) 7.2
Nominal discharge current In(kA) 5
Transmission frequency (MHz) 30
insertion loss (dB) <0.5
Joint form BNC-KK、BNC-KJ
work environment temperature -40~+70℃ ,relative humidity≤95% (25℃)
Product installation wiring diagram
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